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Important! The production and logistics facilities are closed from 20/07/2024 until 18/08/2024. Production times could take longer than expected.
We advice you to place your order in time.

Possible sizes?
In theory every size is possible within the maximum dimensions of the selected quality.

For an efficient order process, we use standardized sizes.

But this doesn’t mean that you only need to stick to these measurements. Simply enter the desired dimensions and confirm it. The calculator does the rest of the work! 
The only limitation we have is the maximum width and length, depending on the quality of your choice. 


Overview of the minumum and maximum sizes:  

  Width (cm) Length (cm)
Velvet 30-190 30-762
Pearl 25-185 30-762
Patio without border 25-185 30-762
Patio with border 30-190 30-300
Globossoft without border 25-180 30-762
Globossoft with border 30-185 30-300





Attention! We cut precisely with a 3% error margin per running meter.

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