Artificial grass


Which one?

Are you looking for quality artificial grass for your balcony, terrace or garden?   

There is a vast choice of products on the market. How do you pick the best quality coupon grass and enjoy your artificial grass even longer?   

Easy! Run through the following checklist:  



Start with the back

  •   Check the quality of the artificial grass by looking at the backing first. The backing locks fibres into the structure and provides a “backbone”. The primary backing is the layer of material to which the artificial grass fibres are stitched. We use marine-backing for our artificial grass range to extend its lifespan.  

Let it (d)rain 

  • Be certain that your artificial grass offers effective drainage. Extra perforation holes can further improve drainage.  Water simply drains through these holes. Artificial grass should dry relatively quickly.  

Colour resistant

  • Colour normally fades in sunlight over time. The best artificial grass is UV resistant and will never fade. 

Natural look 

  • It is the look that matters! Make sure the artificial grass looks realistic, rather than plastic. We use several shades of green to give a natural look.  

Soft feel 

  • Check the texture of the grass. Make sure that it is soft, feels good against the skin and is child- and pet- friendly.    
  • These are the basics for comparing artificial grass. Need any more information?   See our collection of artificial grass products or contact our sales team for detailed product information.